Photo of the day: faceplant monitor

Photo of the day: faceplant monitor

Snapped on a West End street was this large CRT monitor, unceremoniously dumped face down on the cold stone of a London pavement.

No doubt a shiny new slimline LCD monitor now resides on its ex-owners desk, reminding us about how a quiet revolution has taken place in the office, with the beige-tastic bulk of chunky CRT monitors slowly vanishing forever.

Photo of the day: faceplant monitor

This photo of a ‘cutting edge’ university lab from just a few years ago show just  how much girth the CRT beasties used to take up – and moving them around was a hernia trouser explosion just waiting to happen.

When we gave away our 22″ Sony monitors a few years back, the things were so heavy it required two people to move them! So how abut you guys? Any of you still soldiering on with a desk-filling CRT, or are we all basking in the thin glory that is LCD monitors?

The serious bit:

If you’re about to update your own monitor, please don’t just dump it in the street like the plonker above did – contact your local council to see what  recycling schemes they’re running – like Westminster’s Computer Recycling program.

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  1. Much as with Google, it already feels like flat panel has been the norm for ever.

    In fact, for me, it’s been four years, and for some people less than that.

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