Pow! Graphic.ly graphic novel app comes to Android

Pow! Graphic.ly graphic novel app comes to Android

Android owning comic fans should be pleased to learn that Graphic.ly has finally launched its own Android app for viewing graphic novels and comics.

Biff! Ker-pow!

It’s been a long wait for Android users, with the company first rolling out a succession of web, desktop, iPhone and iPad apps, but now the company’s humongous library of over 2,000 comics is being made available to Android users.

“Like our community, we are firm believers in the explosion of the Android market. Being the first to provide Marvel Comics on the Android platform is a perfect example of that belief. This application is only the beginning of the expansion of our relationship with Google,” commented Graphic.ly CEO Micah Baldwin.

Pow! Graphic.ly graphic novel app comes to Android

The new Android application serves up a full store front for perusing and buying digital comics, and iPhone defectors will be pleased to know that comics bought or downloaded via their handsets will happily sync over to their Android device (as will downloads from the iPad, Adobe AIR (Mac/PC/Linux desktop), Windows Phone 7, Windows 7, and Chrome Web apps).

The app comes with ‘Graphic.ly View,’ which conveniently lets user read strips frame by frame on smaller screens, and there’s also the option to download comics for later, offline reading.

The app can be bagged from the Android Market  now.

Pow! Graphic.ly graphic novel app comes to Android

Here’s a listing of digital comics supported by the app (but note that the app doesn’t support reading CBR and CBZ files)

* Marvel Comics
* IDW Publishing
* Top Cow
* Archie Comics
* Archaia
* Arcana Comics
* Across the Pond
* Bloodfire Studios
* BOOM! Studios
* Celtic Bard
* Checker Comics
* Cinemacomics
* Creator’s Edge
* Flash Universe
* Lead Pipe
* O.G. Comics
* Omni Consumer Comics
* Paper Street Comics
* >Renegade Comics
* Scare Tactix
* Story Studios
* >and 100+ independent and creator-owned titles as well!

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