Pro shoots and edits awesome movie on iPhone 4

Pro shoots and edits awesome movie on iPhone 4

We figured it would only be a matter of time before someone got to work with the iPhone 4’s vastly improved video recorder and editing facilities to knock out a showcase video, and sure enough one has arrived on the web.

Created by Michael Koerbel in 48 hours, the slick 720p video shows what can be done with a (relatively) humble iPhone and the iMovie for iPhone 4 software, with the entire piece being shot and created on the handset.

It’s great.. but…

We’re pretty much knocked out by the quality of the video, but there is an almighty caveat: this guy is a seasoned pro who uses advanced techniques which will be far beyond the average user.

For example, how many users would even be able to keep the phone perfectly steady when panning and zooming around (not us that’s for sure!).

Here’s his CV:

Michael Koerbel has been creating visual media for over a decade. As Koerbel finishes as a graduate student at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, he pursues a goal of working on feature-length projects.

Koerbel’s most recent directing success was directing a special project music video for Steven Spielberg called “Head On” (no longer available publicly – message privately for a link).

Koerbel has just completed the trailer for “Son of a Don,” which stars Carlo Rota (24, Saw V), Ron Gilbert (The Godfather, Usual Suspects), and Jim Calloway (Charlie’s Angels).

We still think it’s great that he’s managed to produce such a finely crafted piece of work which pushes the iPhone’s abilities to the limit, but we suspect such a talented individual would probably do wonders with even the crappiest cameras out there.

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