Samsung N230 netbook offers 13+ hours battery, bubble wafting powers

Samsung N230 netbook offers 13+ hours battery, plus bubble waving powers

Charging at you at a rate of knots is Samsung’s new N230 ultra-slim netbook offering an astonishing 13.8 hours battery life.

Beefy power

Powered by 1.66GHz N450 or 1.83GHz N470 Atom processors, the regular 32Wh battery serves up an impressive 7 hours battery, while the beefier 66Wh number takes that figure up to a hefty 13.8-hours of power.

Samsung N230 netbook offers 13+ hours battery, plus bubble waving powers

Blowing bubbles

We’re not quite sure what the daft publicity shots are trying to tell us, but not only is the netbook good for waving at air-borne bubbles, but it can connect via  Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed, 802.11bgn wireless LAN with a factory option of 3G modem.

Samsung N230 netbook offers 13+ hours battery, plus bubble waving powers


The Samsung also seems to have an innate ability to charm and woo attractive models at the mere flip of its lid. Well, at least that’s what their press shots suggest.

Back on topic, the 10.1-inch, non-gloss, LED backlit display offers a fairly modest 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution, with the whole package weighing a highly portable 1kg and being 23.2mm thick.

Typing on an island

There’s also an “ergonomic island keyboard” (whatever that is) which apparently manages to increase “the stylish looks while reducing users’ wrist strain when typing for extended periods.”

The Samsung N230 goes on sale globally on 28 June 2010. Pricing has yet to be announced.

Samsung N230 netbook offers 13+ hours battery, plus bubble waving powers

Here’s the press release:

Samsung’s new ultra-light N230 combines style and design with easy mobility
Sophisticated netbook with Fast Start functionality

SEOUL, Korea – June 28, 2010 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced the latest addition to its N-Series netbook range – the N230. With a sleek profile, stunning premium black finish and ultra-convenient features, the N230 will appeal to design-conscious consumers looking for the ultimate experience in mobile computing.

No effort has been spared in designing the exclusive N230, with its well-harmonized finish of glossy, mat and patterned black surfaces. Weighing less than 1kg and just 23.2mm thick, it is a super-slim and ultra-portable netbook, perfect for the go-anywhere mobile user. It also features an ergonomic island keyboard, increasing the stylish looks while reducing users’ wrist strain when typing for extended periods.

Super-fast mobile convenience
The N230 netbook is designed to deliver superior convenience, to match the fast-paced demands of its users. It features Samsung Fast Start, which allows users to start working within seconds of pressing the power button, and an innovative sleep mode which ensures that data is saved to the hard drive, as well as memory, so you’ll never have to worry about losing files or documents again – even if the netbook shuts down unexpectedly. The N230 fits seamlessly into active users’ lives, matching the way busy mobile workers multi-task.

The power to keep you running for longer
A long battery life is vital to a reliable mobile computing experience and the N230 has been designed to provide just that: With Samsung’s innovative LED display, optimized processing performance and proprietary Enhanced Battery Life (EBL) solutions, the N230 delivers incredible energy-efficiency. It offers an extensive battery life of up to 7 hours as standard and with an optional long-life battery. This can be extended up to an amazing 13.8 hours (66Wh battery).

Stay connected in style
While it features a stylish, sophisticated design, these good looks are matched by its superior connectivity. The N230 is equipped with advanced communications technologies like Bluetooth 3.0 High Speed, 802.11bgn wireless LAN and a factory option of 3G modem. Together, these provide high-speed data transfer and access to the Internet anytime and anywhere.

Enjoy multimedia contents on the go
The N230 is also perfect for users who want to watch films or view photographs. It has a large 10.1″ anti-reflective LED display that delivers clear, rich and vivid images. With no mirror effect in bright conditions, users can enjoy their movies wherever on-the-go.

Seamless connectivity
The N230 also comes with Samsung’s All-Share™, making it exceptionally easy to share digital content between other DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) certified Samsung devices like cameras or mobile phones. The technology makes it easy for you to stream HD content from your notebook to your TV or seamlessly share videos and photos with your phone, without the hassle of connecting cables.
The N230 also allows you to quickly copy files, images, music or share information with other PCs, based on a WiFi ad hoc connection. This Easy File Sharing Solution that will enable simple one click connection without network setting or internet access.

Worry-free mobile computing
The N230 ensures peace-of-mind for mobile workers by including the Samsung Recovery Solution, enabling simple and automatic data back-up. Silent Mode is ideal for sensitive environments, so that you can easily do work in any situation – whether at a library or at a lounge at school.

The N230 will be available globally from 28 June 2010

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