Sony hits the roof as Apple ban Sony Reader iOS app

Sony hits the roof as Apple ban Sony Reader app

Once again, Apple’s arbitrary app banhammer has been wielded with maximum random force, this time ejecting Sony’s Reader app on the grounds that the company won’t accept applications that permit in-app purchasing.

Arbitary ejection

As no doubt Sony are already loudly pointing out, the Kindle for iPhone app does exactly that, which makes the rejection all the more baffling – after all, both apps offer near-identical functionality.

Sony have released a press statement – and it’s clear that they’re not happy bunnies:

We would like to update everyone on the status of our Reader for iPhone mobile application.

We created an app that we’re very excited about, which includes all the features you’ve come to expect from a mobile reading application – including access to your existing collection, synching with your Reader Daily Edition and purchasing new content as is possible on other mobile platforms.

Unfortunately, with little notice, Apple changed the way it enforces its rules and this will prevent the current version of the Reader for iPhone from being available in the app store.

We opened a dialog with Apple to see if we can come up with an equitable resolution but reached an impasse at this time.

We’re exploring other avenues to bring the Reader experience to Apple mobile devices. We know that many of you are eagerly awaiting the application and we appreciate your continued patience.

Will it stay or will it go

For Sony’s Reader to stand a chance against the all-conquering Kindle, it’s important that they get their companion app on to Apple’s App Store, but Apple’s bizarre ban-happy attitude must be causing huge frustrating amongst Sony execs.

Perhaps Amazon’s Kindle App will be the next to go – or perhaps they’ll change their minds again. Such is the ridiculous all-powerful culture at Apple, that  app developers are reduced to hanging on to the company’s every word…


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