Sony show off remarkable rollable OLED display

Sony show off remarkable rollable OLED display

Roll-up video displays are right up there with hoverboots and Moonbase Alpha in our vision of the future, and the boffins at Sony are fast forwarding into a tech brave new world with a demo of their rollable OLED display.

Wafer thin

Sony has demoed its remarkable 80μm-thick organic TFT-driven OLED display, employing organic thin-film transistors on a flexible 20μm substrate free from any rigid driver IC chips.

The 4.1-inch display is seen being wrapped around a cylinder with a 4mm radius as video footage plays seamlessly.

Although it’s still a little bit grainy, the display supports a 432 x 240 pixel resolution (121ppi) with 16M colours and exceeds 100nits brightness and a 1,000:1 contrast – which makes it easily good enough for a lot of portable uses.

Get your boots on

The project is still in the research phase, but we should be able to expect bigger and better screens to enjoy commercial releases in the future, so it hopefully won’t be too long before you can read a pull out eBook as you hoverboot to work. Woohoo!


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