Dominos Pizza hooks up with Foursquare to offer foodie freebies

Dominos Pizza hooks up with Foursquare to offer freebies

Dominos Pizza has decided to grab a piece of the location-based social gaming pie by using Foursquare to encourage users to check-in at its outlets.

The company, which bills itself  as the UK’s numero uno pizza delivery service, will offer free pizzas and discounts to regular Foursquare users visiting their restaurants.

Domino’s head honcho, Chris Moore, commented:

Our customers are heavy users of social media so it makes sense for us to communicate with them in this way. Following the success of our recent Facebook superfan initiative and affiliates’ widget, Foursquare was the obvious next step.

How it works

Dominos Pizza hooks up with Foursquare to offer freebiesAny Foursquare user tragic lucky enough to have become the ‘major’ at a Domino’s franchise will be rewarded by a free pizza once a week as part of the scheme, while every Foursquare user will receive a free side dish when spending over £10.

The more cynical amongst you might remark that the free side dish deal sounds no different to the kind of promotion that such outlets regularly advertise in handouts but – and all credit to Vexed, their ad agency here – we wouldn’t be writing about that, would we?

Are you on Foursquare?

In the States, Foursquare is riding on a fair but of hype, and has already encouraged big names like Starbucks to offer similar promotions, although it’s still very much a niche activity in the UK.

We’ve been trying it out for some time, along with rival products such as GoWalla and Yelp and we’re still struggling to find the point, although I guess we’re not in its current target demographic (i.e. Da Yoot).

How about you, dear readers? Are you hooked up to Foursquare?


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4 Comments on “Dominos Pizza hooks up with Foursquare to offer foodie freebies”

  1. I’ve been trying FourSquare and I still don’t really get it. None of my friends use it (in fact no one seems to use it in my area)and every time I check in somewhere I keep asking myself, “what’s the point?”

  2. Im on foursquare, a friend of mine uses it.

    I am mayor a quite a few places as not many people use it but its strangely addictive 🙂

  3.!! I love foursquare, the only problem is my local Domino’s outlet doesn’t have a clue about the offer, i’ll try every week untill they give in, or become aware of foursquare!

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