Sorry, but we’ve no made-up iPhone 5 or iPhone 4GS stories for you today

Sorry, but we've no made up iPhone 5 or iPhone 4GS stories for you today

Just to say that unlike just about every other tech blog, we won’t be running any pointless, made-up stories about the new Apple iPhone handsets that are scheduled to be announced at 6pm tomorrow (GMT).

So that means no blurry product pictures claiming to be ‘leaked shots’, no half-baked wild guesses, no ‘hot rumours’ and definitely no bogus ‘exclusives’ peppered with vague comments supposedly muttered by an unknown ‘insider’ somewhere on the planet.

Like many other tech fans, we’re certainly interested and intrigued as to what Apple will pull out of the bag next, but that enthusiasm doesn’t extend to posting up a completely meaningless stream of wild guesses posturing as news.

It’s all about the moolah

Of course, the reason why most of these sites knock out these endless articles is simple. Money.

They pump out these fact-free slabs of pointless waffle to feed folks hungry for actual iPhone news, safe in the knowledge that they’ll flock to any site claiming to have the inside story.

With each visit, the site owners enjoy a boost up their earnings from advertisers – and that’s why so many of these articles keep getting written, despite the complete absence of credible insights, facts or anything actually enlightening.

So we’ll be posting up our story about the new iPhone/iPhones when they’re announced tomorrow.

An actual fact for you

Sorry, but we've no made up iPhone 5 or iPhone 4GS stories for you today

In the meantime, here’s a nice picture of a basketful of Worcester Permain apples, provided by this lovely site.

Keen to ensure that this article actually has some meaningful content, we can inform you that the apples are in a basket known as a trug, which is a , “shallow oblong basket made of strips of wood, traditionally used for carrying garden flowers and produce.”

So there’s one more fact than 99% of all the iPhone articles posted thus far.

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