Spotify adds PayPal payment option. Do you care?

Spotify adds PayPal payment option. Do you care?From today, subscribers to the Spotify Premium service will be able to shell oot for their monthly fix of unlimited music using a Paypal account.

The Paypal option is only available in the UK, with Spotify saying that they’ll be supporting more countries in the near future.

The feature has long been requested by users (especially those without a credit card), and may well tempt some wavering users to sign up, although our wallets are staying in our pockets.

Is Spotify worth it?

We’ve long been fans of the idea of the Spotify service, but we still find the tenner a month cost a little too rich for our tastes, especially as many of the bands we’d like to hear are yet to materialise on the streaming music service.

Annoyingly, it’s not uncommon for an artist or album on Spotify to mysteriously vanish without trace or explanation – for example, a few months ago we were enjoying Paddy MacAloon’s enigmatic “I Trawl The Bandwidth” album only to suddenly find it had left the building.

After spending some time trying to locate the album, we ended up buying it off eBay for three quid.

Spotify adds PayPal payment option. Do you care?

Those ruddy adverts

I know we shouldn’t complain about the free service because, well, it is free. And rather good, too.

We can understand why they need to disrupt our listening pleasure with  adverts, even if they do seem to becoming more and more frequent.

But why oh why do they inflict those dreadful telephone calls from dull Spotify users on us?

The sound quality is usually hideously grating and why should anyone give a flying feck if some bloke up north wants to hear more dance music on Spotify?

It certainly doesn’t encourage us to sign up to the premium service either – if anything, the incessant nagging and annoying phone calls just make us close the programme and tune into the BBC instead.


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2 Comments on “Spotify adds PayPal payment option. Do you care?”

  1. It’s funny how picky we get. If someone had shown me or you Spotify 10 years ago, we would have gone ‘wow!’

    I don’t find the sound quality to be that bad, by the way….

  2. Also, the point about switching to the BBC is also, well, pointless because they also have ads and I seem to think they last more then the ones on Spotify.

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