T-Mobile UK announces iPhone 4 tariff prices

T-Mobile UK announces iPhone 4 tariff prices

It’s clearly taken them a while to get their calculator working, but T-Mobile have finally released their pricing tariffs for the Apple iPhone 4.

The network is late to the party – O2, Vodafone, Orange and Tesco Mobile already offer the handset – and we guess they’re hoping that the ongoing ‘Antennagate‘ fiasco isn’t going to dent sales too much (we suspect not: iPhone 4s would probably still shift by the bucketload even if a big spring periodically burst out of the back).

Any colour you like

With Apple still struggling to produce the white iPhone 4 in a timely fashion, the new handset is currently available in any colour you like, so long as it’s black.

Apple iPhone 4 16GB prices:

The 16GB model can be picked up for free if you fancy committing to a hefty £60 per month for the next two years (making a total ownership of – gulp! – £1,440), and for that you’ll get internet capped at 1GB, 500 texts and unlimited calls.

Here’s the full lost of tariffs for the 16GB model:

T-Mobile UK announces iPhone 4 tariff prices

Apple iPhone 4 32GB prices:

The cheapest a 32GB handset can be picked up for is £49 on another beastly two year deal.

For that outlay, you’ll need to commit to emptying your wallet to the tune of £60 per month, and you’ll be gifted 1GB capped internet per month, unlimited minutes and 500 texts in return, adding up to a total ownership price of £1,489.

T-Mobile UK announces iPhone 4 tariff prices

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  1. If you can afford the £500 up front for an unlocked Iphone, and 600 mins a month is enough, you could get an Iphone from Apple then go Sim only.

    £15 a month gets you 600 mins plus 500 texts and ‘unlimited’ (i.e. 1gb) internet if you choose that booster. That makes a total cost over 2 years of (24*15)+500= 860 quids.

    I reckon that’s about as cheap as you can buy and run an Iphone for 2 years.

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