Twitter: feel the wads of wonga

Twitter: feel the wongaThe fellas at Mashable have compiled what they describe as ‘5 Eye Popping Stats’ about the microblogging service Twitter.

After rummaging through the PEDC numbers,  they’ve produced some figures about the company’s value that can only be described as outrageous, including the revelation that Twitter’s worth has grown by over three quarters of a million dollars every day:

Twitter’s Value: 5 Eye-Popping Stats

1. According to PEDC’s numbers, the price of a single share of Twitter has increased by 239,619%, from a measly $0.00667 per share to a much stronger $15.9824.

2. Twitter’s $100 million round is over 1025 times the amount of money they raised in its very first round of funding. In July of 2007, Twitter raised $97,500.

3. In five rounds of funding, Twitter has raised an estimated $153 million (some peg it a few million dollars higher). Since the day of its initial round of funding, Twitter has been given an average of $187,356 per day by its investors.

4. Using that same time frame and its current $1 billion valuation, Twitter’s worth has grown by $1,223,990 per day. If you start with the day of Twitter’s inception (the first tweet from Twitter’s Inventor and Chairman, Jack Dorsey), then Twitter’s worth has grown by around $772,797 per day.

5. Twitter has yet to make a single cent in profit.

So despite it’s rapid growth, Twitter is still yet to make a bean and according to the NYTimes, Evan Williams, co-founder and chief executive of the microblogging service, is totally down with that.

Evans has also said that the company is ‘working on relevancy and helping people find what is more relevant to them,’ and that Twitter was looking to  build ‘more trust and authenticity into the service’, with a reputation system looming in the pipeline.


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