US: 4.1 billion SMS messages being sent daily

US: 4.1 billion SMS messages being sent dailyThe latest CTIA wireless industry survey has just been released, and it reveals the continuing runaway growth of text messaging in America.

According to the survey, over 740 billion text messages were sent over carrier networks in the US in the first six months of 2009.

A quick blast on our calculator reveals that this equates to a staggering 4.1 billion SMS messages being sent daily – that’s nearly double the number from the same period last year, when only 385 billion text messages were tippety-tapped out on phone keypads.

(By comparison, Brits knock out 7.7 billion texts a month and rising, according to

The survey also discovered that wireless consumers burnt up 1.1 trillion million minutes of call time in the first half of the year, – that’s 6.4 billion minutes-of-use per day – with wireless services scooping up revenues of nearly $76 billion over the six months.

Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA -The Wireless Association, scratched his chin, mulled over the figures and let rip:

Once again, the new survey results indicate that mobile broadband is an integral part of everyday life for many Americans.

The wireless ecosystem—infrastructure suppliers, service providers, device manufacturers, operating system providers, and applications developers—are simultaneously working together and competing against one another to generate valuable and unparalleled products and services for consumers.

The survey proves that more people are quickly embracing these advancements and integrating them into their daily lives.


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