Vodafone iPhone 4 UK prices revealed

Vodafone iPhone 4 UK prices revealed

It looks like someone did a bit of a Robert Green at Vodafone yesterday and let slip the pricing schemes for the new Apple iPhone 4.

The prices should be announced officially later today, but were apparently accidentally leaked by a fumbling Vodafone employee yesterday and swiftly slapped all over the web.

Here’s the prices for the top of the range 32GB iPhone model in black on 18 month and 24 month contracts.

Vodafone iPhone 4 UK prices revealed

The prices are pretty much what we expected, with the handsets only free for people taking out pricey monthly tariffs, starting at £50/month for the 16GB, and £60 for the 32GB – both on lengthy 2 year plans.

Vodafone iPhone 4 UK prices revealed


[Vodafone iPhone v4 homepage]

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  1. Pricey to say the least. £60 a month for 24 months is £1440. That’s a dear phone.

    Anyone lucky enough to have the cash in the bank might be better off buying the phone and looking for a SIM only deal?

    (1 month down and 5 to go til I’m back on Urban)

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