Windows 7: Microsoft passes 150 million sales

Windows 7: Microsoft shifts 150 million copies

It seems that consumers and businesses have got over the sour taste left behind by the catastrophe that was the Windows Vista operating system, with its acclaimed Windows 7 follow-up quickly becoming the company’s  fastest-selling operating system, selling a staggering 150 million licenses since its launch last October.

In case you haven’t got your calculator to hand, this works out as seven copies of Windows 7 being sold every second since the product’s launch – a colossal figure, however you spin it.

It seems that sales of Windows 7 have been driven by businesses upgrading from XP, sagely side-stepping the Nightmare On Vista Street.

Passing Vista

Following its current trajectory, analysts predict that Windows 7 should surge past Vista’s market share in the next few months, although it’ll have some way to go to pass the venerable Windows XP.

Despite being launched way back in 2001, it still accounts for a massive 58 per cent share of the total operating system market.

And that’s a lorra lorra desktops.

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