YouTube wants your videos for ‘Life in a Day’ movie produced by Ridley Scott

YouTube wants your videos for 'Life in a Day' movie produced by Ridley Scott

YouTube has launched an interesting new project called “Life in a Day,” which intends to document one day as seen through the eyes of movie makers, camcorder warriors and mobile phone footage freaks all around the world.

The project will have uber-director Ridley Scott (Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator) at the helm as executive producer with the completed crowdsourced film being premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival;.

Here’s how YouTube outline the project:

Life In A Day is a historic global experiment to create the world’s largest user-generated feature film: a documentary, shot in a single day, by you. On July 24, you have 24 hours to capture a glimpse of your life on camera. The most compelling and distinctive footage will be edited into an experimental documentary film, executive produced by Ridley Scott and directed by Kevin Macdonald.

What can you shoot? YouTube says “whatever you ruddy well like,” with film makers encouraged to shoot the footage in high resolution.

If your piece of footage makes it into the movie, you’ll be credited as a co-director, and you’ll maybe be selected as one of the lucky 20 contributors invited to trot down the red carpet at the premiere.

Art for Art’s Sake

You’ll have to be doing it all for the art though, as there’s no financial gain on offer – only the artistic glory and the warm glow of knowing you’re doing your bit to promote YouTube around the world.

To contribute to the project, you’ll have to have your camera ready and fired up on July 24, 2010, and get the footage uploaded to the Life in the Day channel before July 31.

Check out the official channel for more info.

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