DoubleTwist player released – “iTunes for Android”

DoubleTwist player released - 'iTunes for Android'

Slicker than the black seas around BP’s rig in the Gulf of Mexico, DoubleTwist for Android is a new, fully featured music and video player vying to replace the built-in player.

DoubleTwist player released - 'iTunes for Android'

The app can automatically imports iTunes playlists, ratings and playcounts and comes with an integrated video player and the ability to sync over podcasts from your PC, via a free doubleTwist desktop client for Mac/PC.

The player is a sleek looking beast – easily one of the best music players for Android – and packs all the features you expect like stop & resume during calls, shuffle, play queue, repeat options, set a tune as a ringtone and background music play.

DoubleTwist player released - 'iTunes for Android'


The app only plays music on SD Card though, which means that HTC Incredible owners are going to be left unhappy, and you can’t create a playlist on the move as they can only be compiled with their desktop software.

Grab it while it’s free

With future features set to include the ability to wirelessly sync media and online radio, this looks to be an interesting app – and you can bag it for free for a limited time.

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