Humax Freeview PVR issues – beta fix offered

Humax PVT 9200T PVR - problems, slow performance and freezes

Like many of our readers, we’ve been fuming over the problems our Humax PVR players have been suffering, with the machines suffering a frustrating mixture of unbearable slow downs, freezes and unresponsive remote controls.

Despite a flurry of  emails and promises, Humax have been reluctant  to actually name the date when the problem will be fixed – but today they have  at least informed us of the availability of a beta trial.

Here’s their press statement. Naturally, we’ll be giving this a go, so we’ll keep you updated if you don’t fancy fiddling about with serial cables (and, frankly, why should you have to?)

For all owners of the PVR-9200T, PVR-9150T and PVR-9300T models.

We can confirm that Humax has received the new software for the PVR-9200T, PVR-9150T and PVR-9300T models and extensive testing of this beta software will take place throughout the rest of May.

We want to ensure the software stands up to real world conditions, across all parts of the UK, and are keen to involve Humax PVR owners in the field testing process. To participate, you will need to have already downloaded software via serial cable onto your 9200T, 9150T or 9300T, or be confident that you know how to do this unaided.

If you are willing to get involved in our software trials, please email with your postcode – using the relevant subject header below – so we can identify which transmitter you receive your Freeview signal from. We will then email you the software for download the week starting Monday 17th May.

Email subject headers:

Beta software – PVR-9200T

Beta software – PVR-9150T

Beta software – PVR-9300T

Thank you again for your patience through this process

Humax communications team

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