Ten per cent of adults SMS while shagging. Apparently

Ten per cent of adults SMS while shagging. Apparently.

We love the small of a king size infographic on a Friday morning, so here’s one stuffed full of SMS-related facts and figures for your delectation, straight from the good ol’USA.

According to this mile long effort from the folks at CellPhones.org, no less than 95% of all 18-28 year olds in America send text messages.

Ten texts an hour

The average teen slams out around 10 texts per hour during the day, adding up to a staggering 3,000 messages per month, while ten per cent of adults over 25 apparently text while having sex.

We’re not entirely convinced by that last stat, but scroll down for more facts’n’ figures about texting.

Text Messaging
Via: CellPhones.org

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