Update on the Samsung Galaxy S2 ‘screen circle’ issue

Samsung Galaxy S II

Last week, we took a delivery of a new Samsung Galaxy SII handset and although we were delighted with the silky smooth operation and the overall performance, our joy was slightly marred when we spotted a small circle on the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S2 and the unwanted screen circle

Best described as the kind of mark a small cup of tea might make (!), it’s only visible against dark to mid-tone colours and doesn’t appear at all on pure black or white screens.

Despite thoroughly trawling the web for information, it looks like this issue is comparatively very rare indeed as we could barely find anyone suffering the same problem (and the Galaxy S2 has already shifted millions of units).

One of our readers pointed out that others have reported that the mark was created by the suction cup used on the assembly line.

This is supposed to fade over time, but if that is happening then it’s too slow a process for us to notice over a weekend.

Nice one, Amazon

To be on the safe side, we wrote to Amazon (the people we bought the phone from) to point out the issue. They immediately wrote back and said that a replacement was on its way, so kudos to them for such a swift response.

Disappointingly, we’re still to get answer from our email to Samsung, but we’ll post up as soon as we hear anything – and report back on how our replacement fares.

Update: we’re happy to report that the Samsung S2 replacement appears to have no issues at all, and the screen is just fine. Huzzah!

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