Facebook infographic facts and privacy concerns

A feast of fascinating Facebook facts, just for you

We can’t get enough of these page-filling infographics, and the folks at onlineschools.org have unleashed another monster for your delectation, just as Facebook is coming under consumer pressure over privacy concerns.

Get ready for some mouse-wheel breakdowns as you scroll down this hefty graphic, revealing moderately interesting facts like the second most popular Facebook Page is that of Homer Simpson, and even an untimely death can’t keep Michael Jackson off the top spot.

400 million people

We recently reported that Facebook accounts for 50% of UK mobile Internet traffic, and worldwide an incredible 400 million people log into their profile at least once every month – with half of that figure on the site every day.

The privacy question

It’s not all plain sailing though, with Facebook now calling a general meeting today as widespread user discontent grows over recent privacy-eroding changes implemented by the social network.

Elsewhere, Facebook is rolling out new security features as their users continue to prove a lucrative target for password-swiping crims, malicious attacks, phishing scams and spam.

But enough of our yacking – here’s the graphic. Click on the image for a bigger version.

A feast of fascinating Facebook facts, just for you

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  1. It’s all getting a bit scary at Facebook now and I fear it’s going to get a lot worse.

    Have you heard about those US students putting together a new version?

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