Acer’s delicious Android phone packs 4.8-inch, 1024×480 screen resolution

Acer's delicious Android phone packs 4.8-inch, 1024x480 screen resolution

They may not have got around to giving their upcoming high end handset a name yet, but Acer’s lovely looking new mobile  packs some mouth-watering specs, including a mahoosive 1024×480 pixel resolution, 4.8-inch screen.

Unveiled at Acer’s Global press event in New York City last night, the company describe the phone as “100 percent smartphone. 100 percent tablet.” – That doesn’t really make a lot of sense to our ears, but it certainly looks mighty purdy with its shiny, glossy lines and curved back.

Acer's delicious Android phone packs 4.8-inch, 1024x480 screen resolution

Top notch specs

The specs revealed so far look prettu sensational: apart from the mega screen, there’s a two megapixel front-facing camera, eight megapixel rear camera (packing LED flash), 720p video recording, Dolby Mobile, six-axis Gyroscope plus accelerometer package and LED edge lighting.

Add in Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11n WiFi, HSDPA support, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and an HDMI output, and you’ve got a real beaut of a phone.

Acer's delicious Android phone packs 4.8-inch, 1024x480 screen resolution


Unfortunately, Acer haven’t dished out the dirt on pricing yet, but say that the phone will start shipping everywhere in April 2011.

Check out the press release below for a (little) more info:

Acer next generation smartphone

100% Smartphone, 100% Tablet:

New York, November 23rd 2010 – The new Acer smartphone with the soul of a tablet perfectly combines the capabilities of a smartphone with a tablet-like format: a huge 4.8″ widescreen with a 21:9 aspect ratio and a super cool chassis.

Its revolutionary design , characterized by a stretched out, thin and slightly curved shape, makes it a fascinating device that will not go unnoticed. Its full metal body, enriched by subtle wavy patterns, conveys a sense of timeless elegance. What’s more, it offers a perfect fit in your hand thanks to its smoothly curved back and minimal width (64mm).

The front is entirely dominated by the extraordinary, multi-touch, high resolution 4.8″ screen, with 4 keys: Home, Search, Back, and Menu. While on the back there is an 8MP camera, complete with LED Flash.

This truly innovative device is perfect for fashion addicts or tech savvy people looking for the latest and cutting edge technology available ensuring superior browsing and excellent multimedia entertainment.

This latest Android smartphone is extremely powerful, guaranteeing long-lasting fun. It will also be able to wirelessly control all the multimedia content of your home environment, thanks to the integrated media sharing system.

• No limit in assessing any web sites with the same user experience as using a traditional PC, so web sites don’t need to be resized and adjusted, thanks to its exceptional resolution of 1024×480 and a very large 4.8″ screen (12.2cm diagonal), there is no need to zoom in on web pages, or to scroll left & right. The only thing you need to do is scroll up & down, just like on your PC.
• Fast and fully featured, the Android browser offers: multi-touch, Java script optimization, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 support, and multiple page opening.
• Ultra-fast high-speed connectivity via HSDPA @ 14.4 and WiFi N for data connection.
• Bluetooth 3.0

On the 21:9 screen you can watch a movie in its original format, for an engrossing cinema-like experience. What’s more the LED backlit display uses the same technology as TV showing super bright and vivid images; to top it off, Dolby Mobile technology delivers vibrant, immersive sound. Not enough for you yet? Thanks to DLNA technology or the HDMI cable, you can connect it to your TV to view your content on an even bigger screen!

Inside the product beats the powerful 1GHz Snapdragon processor, which, in addition to the large screen, turns this smartphone into a perfect game console. Together with 6-axis motion sensing (Gyroscope + accelerometer), this smartphone will exceed any gaming expectation.
Equipped with an 8MP camera and LED flash, and a 2MP front camera for high quality IP video calling.
With a screen resolution of 1024×480, more content can be displayed on screen, in all regular apps, such as, Contacts, Google Maps, Email, Instant Messaging conversations, etc.

100% Smartphone, 100% Tablet: a revolutionary experience for people who want it all!