Adobe amazes with Photoshop CS5’s Content-Aware Tools (video)

Adobe shows off Photoshop CS5's Content-Aware Tools (video)

No doubt the final package will end up costing more than an exotic holiday in the Bahamas, but Adobe has been teasing us with a demo of some of the new features to be found in their forthcoming Photoshop CS5 photo editing suite.

In the five minute video demo below, you can see how the shiny new content-aware retouching tools work their magic – and it’s hugely impressive stuff.

Cut ’em up and fill ’em in

The super-smart Content Aware stuff lets you cut objects and artefacts  from images – things like unwanted trees, distracting objects or lens flare – and Photoshop works out what’s around the item and makes it ‘disappear’ from the image.

There’s no denying the phenomenal power on offer – some of these tools will save graphic designers hours and hours of fiddly work – although our eyebrows raised a tad as the commentator invited us to watch the progress bar “race across” in the last demo.

Although we reckon some of these advanced tools are going to need mighty powerful computers to get the progress bar breaking into a sweat, it’s looking like one sweet update.

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