Android Market hits 200,000 apps, soon to overtake Apple?

Android Market overflows with 200,000 Apps

The amount of apps available in the Android Market looks set to catch up – and even surpass – the total currently available in Apple’s App Store if the current rate of new Android app development continues.

The stat-shuffling, graph churning, Android-focussed site has calculated that the Android Market now hosts in excess of 200,000 apps – a staggering figure reflecting the phenomenal growth of the mobile OS.

Surging ahead of Apple?

With Apple’s bulging App Store containing more than 300,000 apps at the last count, Android clearly has some way to go before it overtakes Apple, but if the current rate of expansion continues then it’s surely only a matter of time.

The growth of the Android platform really has been breathtaking: in March this year there was only 30,000 apps available, with the 100,000 app milestone being reported in July 2010.

With Google’s new Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS now being rolled out and a veritable flotilla of Android powered tablets coming through, 2011 could well be the year that Android takes over…

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