Android to become #1 smartphone platform: Carphone Warehouse

Android to become #1 smartphone platform: Carphone Warehouse

Major mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has predicted that Google Android phones will become their biggest selling smartphone platform across Europe this quarter, slamming the door on Nokia’s decade-long reign as their top selling platform.

Graham Stapleton, the company’s chief commercial officer, said that Android-based phones had already bagged the second slot across Carphone Warehouse’s 2,000-plus outlets across Europe, with this quarter’s results expected to see Nokia dethroned to the Google upstart.

It’s all about choice

“Customers tell us that being able to have a choice, being able to personalise their choice of phone is a key difference about Android compared to some of the other platforms out there,” said Stapleton.

“When we look at Android, it’s available across a large range of handsets and at different prices.”

Nokia’s fall

Nokia has long been the dominant phone platform in Europe, but in recent years has proved unable to muster a persuasive response to the rise of consumer friendly smartphones, kick-started by by Apple’s iPhone in June 2007.

Windows Phone 7 stalls

Microsoft has also recently joined the fray with its new Windows Phone 7 platform, with The Guardian reporting that, “retailers and network operators have been reporting disappointing sales due to product shortages, consumer confusion and rivalry between networks over the software firm’s co-branding with Orange.”


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