Apple Magic Trackpad gestures – video demo

Apple Magic Trackpad gestures - video demo

Although some over-excitable journos seem to have lost all sight of reality and have declared Apple’s Magic Trackpad to be the device to destroy the mouse, there’s no denying that for many it will become a useful addition to their desktops.

The sleek, battery operated £59 trackpad offers a set of gestures which let you navigate pages, scroll, click, swipe, zoom and rotate all over the shop in a fashion that some may prefer to an old fashioned clicky mouse thing.

Not so magic for us

Macworld has produced a short video showing off these moves (below), and although we can certainly admire the smooth and intuitive functionality, we can’t say we’re feeling the urge to shell out for one.

To be honest, we think Wacom’s £44 Bamboo tablet looks a more flexible and useful investment, or if you’re serious about getting down with graphics, then some of the more upmarket Intuos tablets would be the boys for us.

Anyhow, check out the magic-revealing video below and see if it makes you go all Paul Daniels, or maybe  it’ll be a bit more Tommy Cooper for your tastes.

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  1. Why should I spend £60 on this when I can the Wacom bamboo for nearly half the price. It’s typical Apple: over priced and over glossy.

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