Apple videos hit back at Windows 7; Microsoft store nightmare

We have to say we’re finding this video format very, very tired now, but in an attempt to stem the record-breaking sales of the new Windows 7 operating system, Apple have introduced a range of their famously smug ‘I’m a Mac’ adverts.

Click on for another advert and some horrendous high fiving breaking out at the launch of the new Microsoft store.

Microsoft Store opens in a ghastly blaze of whooping.
We thought Apple had the franchise on these crass celebrations of  hyped-up consumerism, but the opening of Microsoft’s first retail store in Scottsdale, Arizona, US was an equally hideous sight to behold.

It’s awful, truly awful, but it’ll only surpass Apple levels of launch cheesiness when idiots stand outside in the street whooping the increase in corporate sales and the staff run around the block high fiving passers-by (yes, this actually happened at the Apple launch in Sydney – a ‘launch’ that had no new products!).

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