Apple’s FaceTime videos: barf bag required

There’s no doubting that Apple has created some tremendous adverts over the years – even the hideously smug “I’m a Mac” adverts were hugely effective – but this latest batch advertising the FaceTime feature on the iPhone 4 really is scraping the barrel o’cheese.

If you can sit through these four slabs of mawkish, crass, sentimental attempts to sell you a luxury, high end product through cheap emotional manipulation you surely have a stronger stomach than us.

Click on for the worst adverts we’ve ever seen from Apple.

5 Comments on “Apple’s FaceTime videos: barf bag required”

  1. The first one has an uneasy air of paedobear about it. Gotta love the way that each of the barfy videos has the phone kept perfectly still and the subjects professionally lit.

    The suggestion that an iPhone is somehow needed for these big life moments is frankly obscene too. Yuck!

  2. Well, Throbbing Angel, yes and no.

    The UK one has similar themes, although at least we get Louis Armstrong instead of that awful dialogue.

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