RIM bangs out another BlackBerry 6 video ‘sneak peek’

RIM bangs out another BlackBerry 6 video 'sneak peek'

The Blackberry-producing gang at RIM seems hell bent on teasing us with fleeting glimpses of their upcoming BlackBerry 6 OS, as a second promo video slips out of dock.

The video packs a Motown kind of strutting instrumental soundtrack and shows a disembodied OS doing its thing in a virtual black room with the prerequisite shiny, shiny floor for those essential reflections.

The OS looks funky enough with lots of pinch’n’zoom’n’slide’n’swipe on offer, but it still feels like Blackberry is playing catch up with its Android and iPhone rivals.

The virtual keyboard doesn’t look like too much to get excited about either and until someone, somewhere, comes up with a multi-tasking interface as smooth and as intuitive as webOS, we’re always going to feel a bit disappointed.

Anyhow, here’s the video: