Apple’s hopeless Antennagate spin campaign hits the Droid X

Apple's hopeless anti-Antennagate camp

Apple is hoping that their notorious reality distortion field might somehow extend to competing products, and continues to knock out a series of dull videos showing rival smartphones supposedly suffering the same ‘Antennagate’ issues as their iPhone 4.

Apart from the sheer lameness of this rival-knocking campaign, it’s hardly proving persuasive either.

Some of the ‘deathgrips’ require the model to hold the phone in some pretty unlikely positions, and there’s a fatal flaw in all of them: no other smartphone has the single, signal-destroying ‘death spot’  seen on the iPhone’s casing.


In fact, we suspect that all this series of videos are doing is reminding folks of the ongoing and still unfixed reception problems with the iPhone 4 – and we would have thought they’d be better off trying to sweep that particular flaw under the carpet.

Anyhow, here’s the latest in Apple’s tedium inducing series of videos showing a tightly grasped Motorola Droid X losing its signal.


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  1. They really are being pathetic and childish over this one. It’s like Jobs can’t admit that he screwed up so he’s trying to pass the buck on to every one else.

    As soon as my 3GS contract runs out, I’m moving to Android.

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