Apple’s hype machine predictably sets up publicity-generating queues for the new iPad

Apple's hype machine predictably sets up publicity-generating queues for the new iPad

The finely tuned PR machine at Apple has once again rolled into action, with the company’s latest statement cunningly setting up more hype for their new iPad:

Customer response to the new iPad has been off the charts and the quantity available for pre-order has been purchased.

Customers can continue to order online and receive an estimated delivery date. Beginning Friday, March 16, the new iPad will be available for purchase at Apple’s retail stores and select Apple Authorized Resellers on a first come, first-served basis.

Naturally, Apple failed to quantify the scale of this mysterious ‘chart’, but the announcement neatly guarantees that there’ll be large queues of publicity-generating punters outside their stores all doing their bit to hype the product even more.

So on March 16th, we can expect the usual carnival of capitalism scenes showing high-fiving, mindlessly whooping Apple Borg staff pumping themselves up instore, with cash-rich crowds camped outside, all salivating over the prospect of owning the latest, marginally improved, iProduct.

These scenes will be swiftly followed by  middle class warriors emerging from the Apple mothership triumphantly holding iPads aloft, as video cameras and photographers jostle to capture the action, keen to generate another orgy of utterly pointless press coverage.

Year after year Apple manage to successfully manipulate these scenes, and it all rather brings to mind Johnny Rotten’s sign off  at the final Sex Pistols gig:

[pic credit: BGR]

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2 Comments on “Apple’s hype machine predictably sets up publicity-generating queues for the new iPad”

  1. Struggling to see how the announcement will *cause* the lines tbh, people who really really like stuff will always queue up, announcement or not.

    Interesting to see this blog as gone full tilt class war anti capitalist too given it’s plastered with adverts and covers the shiny new objects that capitalism has created! Don’t bite the hand that feeds you too hard Mike. 😀

  2. You really think Apple don’t actively manipulate and encourage those publicity-attracting, headline-generating big lines outside their stores?

    The new iPad is hardly big news (“Look everyone! A near-identical tablet with a higher res screen!”) so it’s clear Apple will use ever trick in their comprehensive PR armoury to ensure that it gets maximum coverage.

    And those big lines of fanboys being greeted by their whooping staff will do very nicely indeed, thanksverymuch.

    Oh, and Apple don’t ‘feed’ me anything at all.

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