Audiotool Sketch brings top notch electronic music making to Android tablets

Although there’s no shortage of decent apps in the Android Market, it still lags a little behind the Apple App Store when it comes to high quality, music making tools.

Looking to even things up a bit is Audiotool Sketch, a superbly designed music app offering virtualised vintage synth and drum machine sounds.

Not unlike Rhythm Studio on iOS, Sketch lets would-be musos get busy with two drum machines, one synth, and a mixer/delay unit for tweaking the sounds to your heart’s content.

All this sonic wizardry requires some processing power, with the app demanding a dual core CPU and Android 3.0. Although it can run on the Galaxy Nexus, it’s really for Android tablets, and early reviews have been very positive,

Audiotool Sketch can currently be bagged for £0.99 on the Android Market – and that’s an introductory price, so get in quick!

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