Banish hi-fi hum with the SUPRA AGS-10k audio humbuster

Banish hi-fi hum with the SUPRA AGS-10k audio humbuster

So, you’ve bought the latest 200g audiophile vinyl pressing of Art Pepper’s alto saxophone explorations, and delicately placed it on your Clearaudio Innovation Wood/Universal/DaVinci V2 turntable.

Letting the stylus slowly descend on to the pristine vinyl below, you retreat to your leather reclining chair, brandy in hand, ready to soak up the aural delights.

But hold on. What’s that noise? Is that a plane flying overhead? Someone hoovering next door? A swarm of bees dancing inside your mahogany drinks cabinet?

Banish hi-fi hum with the SUPRA AGS-10k audio humbuster

Or could it be you’re suffering from the dreaded electronic hum that can afflict electronic components, turning the Ride of the Valkyries into something that sounds like a Ride on a wonky Sinclair C5?

Who are you going to call?

Thankfully, Swedish high-end cable company SUPRA have galloped into town to solve all your hum and noise problems courtesy of their SUPRA AGS-10k Humbuster.

Priced at a pocket-troubling £99.99, the Supra AGS-10k announces itself as a “very high-performance ground-isolating transformer (or hum blocker)”, which hooks up between any two line-level components in a Hi-fi, Home Cinema or Studio system to avoid ground loop hum.

As they say in the shampoo adverts, here’s the science bit: “Differing from normal audio and computer products, the Supra AGS-10k is a true high-end Hi-fi design using toroidal transformers with wide frequency range and low distortion, even at the lowest frequencies.”

Sculpted from extruded aluminium with gold-plated phono-sockets, the AGS-10k can be bagged from

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3 Comments on “Banish hi-fi hum with the SUPRA AGS-10k audio humbuster”

  1. COuld you please send me dEtails of the humbuster (including price) and the suitability of using it between a dynavector20x on a Linn Sondek LP12 and an Exposure pre/power amp combo. Thanks bob Oates.

  2. Hi Bob..wirefresh is a group of independent people who review technical stuff to make life easier for you. But we draw the line at ringing up manufacturers on your behalf 😉

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