Befuddled by Google Wave? Online manual released

Befuddled by Google Wave? Online manual releasedIf you’re feeling like you could be excited by Google Wave if you just could work out what the thing actually does, help may be at hand.

In case you’re not up to speed: Google Wave is the new Google product that mixes up messaging, wiki-like functionality and group collaboration into a single app, creating a mighty powerful (but rather baffling) tool.

To help users get a grip on the app, a new (unofficial) online manual called ‘Google Wave: A Complete Guide’ details all of Wave’s features over 8 chapters.

This book’s contents are freely available to view online , although there will be a paid, DRM-free PDF preview edition offered for sale later this month, with the finished product released as a PDF and a softcover print book in Januarry 2010.

Seeing as we’re still scratching our heads a bit at some of Wave’s features, we’ll be giving this a good read later.

The Complete Guide to Google Wave is a comprehensive user manual by Gina Trapani with Adam Pash.

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