Bing search now comes with a pointlessly perambulating video frog

Bing search now comes with a pointlessly perambulating video frog

In an attempt to make its search engine more appealing to users, Microsoft’s UK Bing search page now comes with a green frog scrambling along a branch.

Or, more accurately, a  white-lined leaf frog crawling up a branch, in Manu National Park, Peru.

It’s the first time that the Bing UK homepage has included video footage, and the graphic also includes hotspots, as Microsoft explains:

Use the handy hotspots to navigate the tropical image and reveal information about all things amphibian, including the frightening fact that the prettiest frogs are often the deadliest and a link to a video on diamagnetism, a peculiar phenomenon that enables frogs the ability to levitate in strong magnetic fields.

We’re not really sure what to make of all this, although we can’t quite match the rampant enthusiasm of the one user comment displayed from #1 Bing fan ‘angelprincess72’:

I think it looks amazing. It is unlike any other homepage I have ever seen; it’s unique, and the video quality is outstanding. The frog walking on and off the screen stealthily is captured really well. I can’t stop looking at the video, and the frog is so cute. I hope Bing continue to make more homepages like this.

Check out the frog-shuffling action for yourself here: Bing.