Brits flock to Google+ as worldwide users hit 20 million

Brits flock to Google+ as worldwide users hit 20 million

Last week, a pleased-as-Punch Larry Page announced that their new Google+ social network had smashed through the 10 million member barrier, and the news for Google’s chief executive keeps on getting better with the latest figures.

Twenty million already

It’s now been revealed that the service has now attracted 20 million unique users around the world in its first three weeks.

The figures come from online measurement company Comscore, who say that around 870,000 Brits have also signed up to the invitation-only service.

Work to do

The number of unique users was registered as soaring to19.93 million during June 29 and July 19, with the network continuing to pick up positive feedback from users, although the company conceded that there’s  much a-tweaking to be done.

Vic Gondotra, Google’s senior vice-president of social, tuned into the negative waves, and commented, “Lots of criticism for Google+. We are listening and working to address. Stay tuned for changes this week.”

Although Google+ is doing a roaring trade, it’s still a long way behind the Double Dons of Social Networking, with Twitter boasting more than 300 million users and Facebook racking up 750 million users.