Corvette Python: world’s fastest amphibious car

Corvette Python: world's fastest amphibious car

Amphibious cars always seem like a great idea on paper but never really cut it in the real world, invariably coming over as an uncomfortable neither fish nor fowl botch-job.

Hoping to convert a few sea-loving drivers is the slightly preposterous Corvette-Powered Python, which is billed as the Fastest Amphibious Vehicle Ever.

According to its makers, the vehicle can hit 60 MPH on water in just 4.5-seconds – the kind of super-fast speed that would have Captain Birdseye choking on his fishie fingers.

The Python looks like a mix of a Dodge truck with a Corvette-styled fibreglass body, powered by a mighty V8 engine knocking out 640 hp.

Prices start at $170,000 for the rolling chassis and you’d have to splash out in excess of $200,000  for the Corvette-powered, fully assembled boat.


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