Dual screen joy ahoy with the Android Samsung Continuum handset

Dual screen joy ahoy with the Android Samsung Continuum

Intriguing photos of an innovative dual screen Android handset known as the Samsung Continuum have been leaked online, and we’re rather liking the cut of its jib.

Galaxy based

Set to debut on Verizon Wireless, the upcoming new iteration of the Galaxy S handset is to offer the same 1 GHz Hummingbird processor, 336 MB of RAM, and Super AMOLED display as seen in the already released Fascinate, and it’s likely that the camera and battery life will be the same too.

Where things get interesting is with the dual screen display, which takes the form of a small “ticker-tape” strip underneath the main screen.

Dual screen joy ahoy with the Android Samsung Continuum

Like a turbo charged webOS notification bar, the Super AMOLED strip will usefully display push updates from IM, email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter and more, or it can be switched to view the current time and weather.

If the phone is turned off, the display will illuminate as new notifications arrive, and the handset’s grip sensor will also spark the ticker into life, so as you pick it up you’ll get a summary of your updates while leaving the main screen off.

Swipe away

The touch sensitive panel lets you swipe to view different information, while tapping on a feed opens a detailed view on the main screen.

We’re loving the look of this very much – no one has yet matched the ease of use and sweet aesthetics of the Palm webOS notification system, and this manages to bring the Android OS right up to par.

That said, the extra bulk brought on by the second strip is beginning to make the phone look a bit of a hefty, pocket-straining beast…