Facebook for Android updates to v1.5.2, we still prefer TweetDeck

Facebook for Android updates to v1.5.2

Facebook have just updated their official Android app to version v1.5.2, slapping down a variety of tweaks and a few usability enhancements.

Still playing catch up

Continuing their long held tradition of trailing the iPhone version, the latest Android app finally comes with the ability to upload photos to friend’s walls and also to upload photos to Groups.

If that wasn’t too much excitement for you to take in one hit, Facebook will now upload photos with the correct orientation, and there’s also some improvements to landscape mode and improved security using SSL.

You can download this free update from the [Android marketplace].

We’re not big fans

For most of our everyday Facebook activities (posting pics, status updates, reading friends updates etc), we’ve actually been preferring to use the versatile TweetDeck app, which cunningly combines Twitter, Facebook, Buzz and Foursquare in one handy package.

Although it can’t match the dedicated Facebook app for all-round functionality, it’s still our chosen tool for updates and keeping up with our friends feeds – and seeing as it’s free, why not give it a go?!

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