Firefox Home for the iPhone imports browser bookmarks and tabs

Firefox Home for the iPhone imports bookmarks and tabs

Thanks to Steve Jobs’ iron-like grip on what is allowed in Apple’s AppStore, it’s unlikely we’ll ever see a version of the massively popular Firefox browser running on an iPhone – which makes it a pain for Firefox users to sync their bookmarks.

Iffy anti-competitive issues aside, the bundled Safari browser is at least a very decent browser, but being able to access Firefox bookmarks, browsing history and recently opened tabs would be a real boost – and happily the new Firefox Home app promises to do just that.

As you can see from the video below, it’s easy to view all your bookmarks and open tabs on your PCs, check what’s being synced and then open any link straight into Safari.

The app also mimics Firefox’s “Awesome Bar” feature so users can get to their favourite web sites with minimal bashing on the iPhone’s keyboard.

The Mozilla Blog explains the benefits:

  1. Left work in a hurry? You can pick up where you left off with access to the list of tabs you just had open on your desktop.
  2. Need those directions to that restaurant you were just reading about on your desktop? The confirmation code for your flight? Just start typing in the Awesome Bar and those pages will be right at your fingertips.
  3. Does it drive you crazy to have  to enter the full URL on your iPhone that you’ve visited several times from your desktop? You won’t need to anymore with this app.

The application is coming to the iPhone soon – and we can’t wait to download this puppy!

Here’s a video preview.

More information here:

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