GMail contacts interface gets sprinkling of fairy dust

GMail contacts interface gets sprinkling of fairy dust

We’ve been mightily underwhelmed by the GMail contacts interface for a long, long timer, so we’re highly chuffified to report that it’s finally had a bit of fairy dust sprinkled over it.

The updated Google contacts interface will be shortly showing off long overdue features like the ability to sort by last name, keyboard shortcuts and custom labels for phone numbers. Huzzah!

GMail contacts interface gets sprinkling of fairy dust

Here’s Google’s full  list of improvements:

  • Keyboard shortcuts (go to Contacts and hit “?” for the full list)
  • Sort by last name (look under “More actions”)
  • Custom labels for phone numbers and other fields
  • The ability to undo changes you’ve just made
  • Automatic saving
  • Structured name fields, so you can adjust titles, suffixes, and other name components
  • A bigger, more prominent notes field

The updated version of Gmail Contacts has already started rolling out and should be hitting your browser soon. We’ve not seen it yet, but we’ll ruddy well keep on hitting refresh until we do.

GMail contacts interface gets sprinkling of fairy dustGMail gets a tweak too

GMail’s layout has also been  improved, making it it easier to get to Contacts and Tasks, with the new links lurking in the top left corner of your account (along with a link for “Mail” that takes you back to your inbox).

If you’re not keen on having those links hogging your page, they can be e vamoosed by clicking near the right edge of “Mail”

The overall header area has also been reduced slightly, so your all-important first message now sits 16 pixels higher on the screen than before.

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