Google AdSense gets tasty revamp with turbo charged facts’n’stats

Google AdSense gets tasty revamp

Google has served up a new, nattier, sleeker AdSense interface which improves hugely on the original and lets fact hungry users dive headlong into statistics with increased speed.

More wonga

Google says that the new interface includes features designed to help you make more dosh by serving up more actionable performance data, giving more control over the ads that appear on your sites and helping you manage your account more efficiently.

One thing that we’re really liking in the new interface is the ability to quickly check your earnings and payment information across different channels.

Google AdSense gets tasty revamp

Here’s how Google describe the new beta improvements:

  • More data: You can now run detailed performance reports by ad type, ad size, ad unit, targeting type and bid type for total earnings and other metrics by day, week or month in addition to over a custom date range.
  • Graphical performance reports: Quickly view earnings and other reporting metrics in a graphical format.  You can easily compare performance over time and view metrics like impressions, clicks and earnings all in one graph.
  • Easier-to-use controls: You can find all of the ad controls, including our revamped ad review centre, in one place – under the “Allow & block ads” tab. Additionally, you can now search for ads in the ad review centre by ad type, keyword, URL or ad network, and choose to allow or block them.
  • Integrated help and online resources: Easily find answers to your questions when you need them, with a help box now appearing on every page. You can also easily find updates and optimisation tips on the newly redesigned Resources page, which now includes feeds from the Inside AdSense blog, videos from the YouTube channel and tweets from AdSense.

The beta can be enabled by clicking on the ‘Try the new AdSense interface beta’ link in the upper right-hand corner of your screen when you log into Adsense. We like it.


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