Google celebrates 13th birthday with a homely doodle

Google celebrates 13th birthday with homely doodle

Big events and anniversaries have been commemorated by some extravagant Google homepage ‘doodles’ over the years, but for their own 13th birthday, the search engine giant has gone all modest.

To celebrate their first teenage year, today’s Google homepage has a doodle showing the characters of the company logo sitting around a birthday cake, surrounded by balloons and gifts.

Only the letters ‘g,’ ‘o’  and ‘g’ have birthday hats on (I’m sure someone will have a theory about that sooner or later).

Plain and simple

Anyone hoping for any unexpected treats, cunning animations or hidden ‘Easter Eggs’ in the image will be in for a disappointment, as clicking anywhere on the illustration just takes you to a standard search results page for the word ‘Google’.

The company certainly has come a long way in its 13 short years, becoming a household name that enjoys a massive domination of the global internet search market, with recent metrics  from StatsCounter putting their share around a hefty 90%.

Happy birthday Google!

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