Google gunning for Facebook with ‘Google Me’ competitor?

Google gunning for Facebook with Google Me?

We generally aren’t too keen on posting up web rumours that seem to have very little information to back them up, but this one comes from a much better source than most.

Digg founder Kevin Rose claims to have heard from a “very credible source,” that Google is preparing its very own Facebook-killer called, “Google Me.”

Here’s his Tweet:

Google gunning for Facebook with Google Me?

It seems unlikely at first glance, but seeing that Google’s first stab at social networking, ‘Google Buzz‘ failed miserably amid serious concerns about privacy, it’s perhaps not completely improbable that they might be prepping a fresh onslaught into this highly lucrative market.

Captive audience

After all, zillions of people are already signed up to Google Mail (and their other services)  so the possibilities seem pretty endless  – we’re thinking integrated social networking within Google Maps and Google Calender would be a pretty world rocking combo, for starters.

Lager, lager, lager

Of course, it may just be that Kevin had been on a lager-fuelled bender over the weekend and decided to post up a wild rumour for the LOLz, so we’ll be grabbing a bucketful of salt and keeping a close eye on this one for now.


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