Google Nexus 4 smartphones drop down to bargain prices

Google Nexus 4

The excellent Google Nexus 4 handsets have just seen a considerable price drop and are now being offered in the Google Play store for just £159 for the 8GB model and £199 for the 16GB. And boy is that cheap!

Google Nexus 4 bargain-priced powerhouse smartphone back in stock in UK

However you spin it, these prices are nothing short of an absolute bargain, and you’d be getting a whole lot of high end smartphone for a comparatively low price.

We’re not quite sure why the price has suddenly dropped – normally it’s the sign of an impending new model but we’ve not heard anything – but this really is a great deal, so if you’re looking for a great smartphone, click on the links below pronto!

Google Nexus 4 8GB £159

Google Nexus 4 16GB £199


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