Google Places with Hotpot for iPhone now available

Google Places with Hotpot for iPhone now available

Android users have already been able to use this for some time, but now the Google Places with Hotpot app is available for the iOS platform.

The Hotpot feature lets perambulating iPhoners find places near them and personalise the results based on places they’ve previously rated via the service.

Get rating

The idea is that when you’re in a fab new boozer or ace cafe, you just fire up the app and hit “Rate now” to start sharing the love.

The app should be able to guess your current location with reasonable accuracy, and so long as you’re not trying to review a New York bar from the comfort of your Grimsby bedroom, you should be able to slap up your review straight away.

Google Places with Hotpot for iPhone now available

If you can’t get enough of the reviewing everything you see thang, you can also visit from your desktop computer to add friends and rate all the places you’ve already visited.

Highly seasoned

After adding your friends, Google say that subsequent search results will be “seasoned not just with reviews from around the web and recommendations based on your own personal taste, but also with your friends’ opinions too.”

The Places app can be downloaded onto your iPhone now by searching for ‘Google Places’ in the App Store or clicking here.