Google TV explained for the baffled and befuddled [video]

Google TV explained for the baffled

A lot of people liked the idea of Google TV when it was announced last month, but we suspect we weren’t alone in not entirely ‘getting’ it.

In the hope of getting its message across, Google has knocked out a two and half minute video that explains – in nice, simple terms –  exactly why consumers should be getting a bit excited about Google TV.

In a nutshell, it’s all about bolting  the Internet on to your TV and throwing in an Android interface to turn your passive TV into a fully interactive box of wonders.


The comprehensive integrated search feature lets you to rummage through your own content and browse and record content from the web, with the added bonus of a built-in web browser offering big screen surfing.

With Google TV-enabled TVs having access to the Android Market, you’ll be able to customise your TV home page with the content and apps that interest you.

Google TV explained for the baffled

Much like how digital TV developed, some new televisions will come with Google TV preinstalled while consumers can fork out for a set top box to convert their current television into an all-singing Google TV gogglebox.

The service is expected to début in Autumn in the US and next year in the UK, with peripheral manufacturer Logitech already working on a Google TV compatible set top box (above).

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2 Comments on “Google TV explained for the baffled and befuddled [video]”

  1. This looks great but I really don’t want another box under the TV. When can I get a box that does this, plays DVDs/Blu Ray discs, has a HDD with Freeview HD built in??

  2. I think the way forward is to do a deal with Virgin Media. They already offer Iplayer on your telly, so this would be a natural extension of that.

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