Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars comes to the iPhone (video)

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars comes to the iPhone

In an another reminder that the iPhone is fast becoming the mobile gaming platform of the future, Rockstar publishers have released the first Grand Auto Theft title for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Offering top down gaming, the graphics are pretty damn good, serving up a near-direct port of the Nintendo DS version, but with much better graphics.

As ever, the game’s stuffed full of the usual violence and wrongdoing, with players invited to jack cars for illegal street races, trade goods with dodgy drug dealers lurking on street corners, outrun the feds in high speed chases and whip out their weapons to protect their territory.

Unfortunately, the lack of hardware buttons makes the iPhone version slightly fiddly to control at times, but the gameplay looks spot on.

Priced at an upmarket $10 in the AppStore, you’ll be paying premium price but we reckon it’s worth every penny as you’ll get hours of fun out of this pocket marvel.

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