Humax PVR-9200T/9300T Duovision PVRs continue to infuriate

Humax PVR-9200T now in real danger of being smashed to pieces

It wasn’t that long ago that we were so fed up with the endless problems we were having with our Humax PVR-9200T/9300T PVR boxes that smashing the things to smithereens was becoming an ever more attractive option.

It seemed an awful lot of Wirefresh readers had also suffered similar frustrations with their Humax PVR boxes, so we thought we’d tell you what’s been happening with ours since our last rant.

The good news… and the bad

The good news is that the freezes have mainly disappeared and the ‘stuck’ remote control issues appear to be fixed. At last!

The bad news is that some recordings still aren’t showing up and the noisy fan is still staying stuck on unless you physically turn the box off – and therefore render it useless for making any timed recordings.

We’ve no idea why the Humax thinks it needs the fan permanently stuck on night and day when the machine isn’t actually doing anything,  but there appears to be nothing we can do it about.

No support

Humax’s support site (a hideously designed Flash-powered thing) contains no useful information, so it looks like we’re stuck with the thing pointlessly wasting electricity until we bite the bullet and just get rid of it. When that day comes we certainly won’t be replacing it with another Humax, either.

We’ve had pretty much a thoroughly miserable time with our Humax boxes and found their support to be absolutely awful. But how about you, dear readers?

Tell us your stories!

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8 Comments on “Humax PVR-9200T/9300T Duovision PVRs continue to infuriate”

  1. It sounds more like you have a fault, the fan should turn on when the disk reaches too high a temperature. You could try a factory reset and see if that cleans it up?

  2. if you haven’t already tried it, i suggest reformatting the hard drive (menu > record > hdd control > format).

    sounds terrifying and you lose all your recordings etc, but i’ve done it twice when my one’s starting doing its unresponsive thing/corrupt recordings etc and it’s fixed things both times. never had a noisy fan so dunno whether it could help with that.

  3. Have you let it update the firm ware over the air. Scary the firs time but they have always worked for me and the unit I have had for years is just getting better and the newer one I have in the other room works well.

  4. I was given a Humax 9200T and I’m delighted with it! Admittedly there are a few glitches like occasional freezing when it goes off the end of transmittted programs (pre-bbc1) but these are resolved by a reboot. In terms of the functionality like dual recording and scheduling etc its absolutely brilliant.

    Possibly other users have had bad experiences with early sofware releases and I’ve got it with the bugs ironed out.


  5. My PVR-9300T has just started to reset itself overnight. This wipes any recording schedule and the machine has to be reset every day. Carrying out the reset procedure does not help.
    Humax tell me it might be memory problem.
    Any ideas anyone? I am quite willing and able to take it apart if necessary.

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