iPhone games ported to Palm’s webOS ‘in a matter of days’

iPhone games ported to Palm's webOS 'in a matter of days'

Palm will be strutting their stuff at the Game Developer’s Conference next week and their presentation will focus on their Plug-in Development Kit (PDK) – a set of tools designed to help developers create graphics-intensive games for Palm’s webOS.

The PDK is said to let developers rewrite mobile apps designed for other platforms in double quick-time, with iPhone apps reputedly ported over in “a matter of days,” with no degradation in performance.

This is sure to catch the eye of developers keen to maximise the return on their efforts in the iPhone App Store,  and could see Palm’s rather understocked catalogue filling up rapidly.

The evidence so far suggests that the PDK works as advertised: since it was announced at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, early access partners EA, Gameloft, Glu Mobile and Laminar Research have whacked out well over thirty games between them.

Getting aggressive on yo’ Palm Ass

“The webOS experience has been smooth and user friendly,” insisted Baudouin Corman, VP of Publishing, Americas for Gameloft.

“We’ve been pretty aggressive thus far with the number of games hitting the App Catalog, so it’s safe to say that we plan to continue this momentum for the remainder of the year….We’ve seen strong interest from Pre consumers for the kind of games we are releasing.”

“webOS is going to bring a lot of value and competition to the mobile space,” he added.

If you’re not convinced that Palm’s webOS is capable of matching the best of what’s available elsewhere, check out the demos below:


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