Kindle Android v2 app released, adds newspaper and mag support

Kindle Android v2 app released, adds newspaper and mag support

First launched back in June, the Amazon Kindle app for Android has proved a popular addition around these parts, so we were chuffed to hear that it’s just been on the receiving end of a major upgrade, taking the app up to v2.

Newspaper downloads

It’s now possible to purchase over 100 newspapers and magazines including The New York Times, Newsweek and The Atlantic, and the Kindle Store now sits inside the app, so users don’t have to be herded off to the browser to buy content.

The even better news is that it’s now possible to save both the app and your digital content to your SD memory card, rather than use up your precious internal space.

There’s also been a bit of tweaking on the social side too, with support for sharing your reading history with your buddies, and the interface has seen some improvements for viewing images and turning pages.


“We want to give customers the freedom and flexibility to buy their newspapers and magazines once, and read them everywhere across the devices and platforms they chose – just like they do with Kindle books today”, whooped Russ Grandinetti, VP at Amazon Kindle.

“Kindle for Android is our fastest-growing application, and we’re excited to launch over 100 newspapers and magazines for our Android customers”.

Amazon Kindle for Android V2.0 is free, and can be snaffled up in the Android Market right now – or scan in this pile of squiggly lines below with your phone.

scan kindle code in

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